Hi, I’m Zoe.

I’m a bit of an untraditional engineer and a millennial with a passion for Smart Cities — and not specifically just in the big cities, but Smart Cities that use technology as an enabler to make the places we live more accessible liveable and sustainable for all.

This is the Smart City Podcast, where Smart City enthusiasts come together and share their experiences and expertise. I created The Smart City Podcast to make a hub where other folks interested in Smart Cities could learn more about all the different aspects in a friendly and easy way.

On the podcast I interview people from all around the world, from many different backgrounds to talk about all things Smart Cities including, but limited to: technology, data, community, thought leadership, human-centred approach, policy and regulation and projects.

My mission is to educate people on what is possible in this space in order to build a better future for all of us tomorrow. 

I created this space mainly because I want to hang out with these exciting people, surround myself with them and build the Smart City Collective.

Most episodes will run between 20-30 minutes to listen to on your daily commute, or wherever you want!

Sit back, relax, open your mind and enjoy The Smart City Podcast.

Connect with Zoe:

Connect with me via email: zoe@thesmartcitypodcast.com

Connect via Twitter and Facebook @smartcitypod